Appearance Doesn’t Matter If Nobody Visits

Website traffic is the most important element to a great ecommerce website. Visits from customers with problems that can be solved by your product are essential to the justification of the website and survival of your business. There are several methods that can be used to accomplish this goal. The bad news is that the things that work today may not work tomorrow.

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Each of our sessions are digitally broadcast live and feature world-class speakers. Each presentation typically has 30-40 minutes set aside for instruction followed by another 15 minutes or so for Questions & Answers at the end.

About This Session

This is the second installment in our WordCamp Grand Rapids 2017 revival. One important thing you’ll quickly realize after building an ecommerce site (or any site, for that matter) is that visitors don’t show up strictly of their own accord. You need to do something to attract them to the site. Once you’ve got traffic you need to take significant and important measures to convert them into paying customers. You need to build a funnel.

In this presentation, Andy is going to take you through several different strategies for attracting visitors through SEO, advertising, and other marketing strategies. He’ll also take you through profiles of quality visitors and how you can identify and quantify the kinds of visitors you want to bring to your online store. Finally, Andy will give you some guidance on things you can do to convert these visitors into paying customers.

What you’ll learn

  • 3 critical qualities of ecommerce website visitors
  • 5 important ways to optimize your WordPress Ecommerce website
  • 11 places to advertise your Ecommerce website
  • 3 central themes to use for convincing your customer to spend money


About Andy Keson

Andy Keson has a technical background with industrial equipment, industrial processing, and industrial materials. After inventing a physical product Andy needed a website to sell his physical product invention. WordPress has filled that role since the beginning in 2009. He has created several other hobby websites since that time, and does all of his own web management without knowing any coding.

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