Building a Membership Site

Learn the ins and outs of running a Membership Site from Chris Lema, Shawn Hesketh and Drew Stojny. These three guys really know their stuff. One has personally purchased, tested and reviewed all of the popular (and lesser-known) membership tools; one has been successfully running a membership site since 2008; and one built his own full-service membership platform after feeling dissatisfied with all other options. You'll get nothing but honest answers and unbiased feedback here.

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Each of our sessions are digitally broadcast live and feature 3 separate presentations focusing on a specific aspect of some WordPress topic. Each presentation will have roughly 30-40 minutes allotted for instruction and 15 minutes allotted for Q&A at the end. This means that each session runs approximately three hours start-to-finish.

About This Session

Join Chris Lema, Shawn Hesketh and Drew Stojny as they teach us the ins and outs of building Membership Sites. First we’ll learn about the many different membership tools that are available – specifically, which ones work best for your specific project needs. Next, we’ll learn from a membership site veteran about the strategies that actually have (and have not) worked for attracting and retaining a thriving membership base. Finally, we’ll conclude the session with an open panel discussion with all of our presenters.

Session Schedule

1pm ET – Understanding Your Tools – Chris Lema
Chris has a LOT to say about membership sites. He has spent copious amounts of time – and hundreds of dollars – reviewing membership plugins, platforms, services, and strategies. There is no better person who can tell you what opportunities exist and which may be best for you (and, most importantly, why).

2pm ET – Membership Sites 101 – Shawn Hesketh
In this presentation, Shawn will share some of the most important strategies for building a successful membership site, including lessons he learned the hard way while building, his popular community for WordPress beginners. Or, as he puts it, “Things I wish I’d known before I built my first membership site.”

3pm ETPanel Discussion – Chris Lema, Shawn Hesketh, Drew Strojny
Our session will culminate in an open panel Q&A with all three of our presenters. We’ll have a few prepared discussion points, but the purpose of this portion is for you to drive the conversation and ask the hard questions you want answered.

Topics Covered

  • Which Tools are Best? – Identify the best membership plugin and/or services for your project.
  • Count the Cost – Calculate how much each member will cost you as well as your overall operational costs.
  • Experiences Running a WordPress Site – What worked, what didn’t, and what you should do.
  • Validating your idea for a membership site – Do people even want what you’re selling?
  • Drip Content or Full Access – How you deliver content matters, learn which is right for you and your members.
  • Access Restriction –Controlling who can see what.
  • Video-Based Content– Where to host it, how to embed it, how to present it.
  • Plan Pricing, Discounts and Promos – What is your content worth? When and why would you sell it for less than that?
  • Recurring vs. Lifetime – What timeframe is best for you and your members?
  • Tiered Memberships? – Should you have multiple benefit levels, multiple term lengths, multiple anything?
  • Free Trials & Free Samples –What should you give away, and why?  How well can you convert a free member?
  • Segmentation– Getting to know your audience…
  • Member Retention – Learn how to keep providing value to your existing members to keep them happy and renewing.
  • Refund and Cancellation Policies – If you cannot wow your members, how do you send them off?
  • Social and Email Marketing – What are you telling prospects, what are you telling members?
  • Q&A Panel Discussion – Featuring Chris Lema, Shawn Hesketh and Drew Strojny

About the Speakers