Performance Driven Development

Join Aaron Jorbin, Daniel Bachhuber & Zack Tollman and learn how to dramatically improve your development prowess. These three experts will teach you how to write better code, improve site and network performance, and how to improve your development workflow, too.

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Each of our sessions feature 3 separate presenters focusing on a specific aspect of some WordPress topic. Each presentation will have roughly 30-40 minutes allotted for instruction and 15 minutes allotted for Q&A at the end. This means that each session is scheduled for approximately three hours (give or take a few minutes for opening and closing remarks, plus intermission between presenters).

About This Session

For this session, we are going to delve deep into code performance. We’ll look at the tools you should use (Xdebug, JSPerf, curl-loader, etc), and why/when they’re beneficial. We’ll talk about transients, object caching, page caching, and other caching patterns that are quite successful when paired with WordPress. Finally, we’ll dive into the intricacies of navigating between local and remote development. We’ll touch on WP-CLI, and other tools, systems and strategies for sanely taking your fine-tooled code into production.

Topics Covered:

  • Basic caching concepts of object and page caching
  • Implementing object and page caching in WordPress
  • Patterns for caching in WordPress
  • Several development tools, and why you would use each of them:
    • Xdebug’s Profiler and a front end viewer for it’s output
    • Curl-loader
    • Chrome dev tools
    • JSPerf
    • WP-CLI
  • And more!

We’ll release more details about this session as they become available, so stay tuned!

About the Speakers