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Come every Wednesday to learn something new or discover something cool and be inspired to build better and greater solutions with WordPress.

What is it?

This is a live, weekly broadcast that will cover a wide variety of subjects, technologies, and techniques that relate to WordPress. Moreover, these workshops provide a space where we can interact with and learn from others who are smarter than us.

Some weeks we’ll cover development, other weeks we’ll cover design. Some weeks we’ll learn from a guest instructor. Some weeks we might even hold a digital show-and-tell where a few different experts show off something cool they’ve done and talk about the challenges they faced and the creative solutions they found.

Think of these workshops as the best part about any WordCamp; the part where you’re sitting around with a few other smart people and someone says, “Hey, check out this cool thing I just figured out how to do!” Or, think of them like a “learning lunch”, where you get to kick back and enjoy a meal while someone demonstrates an awesome technique that gives you a great new idea.

How is this different from the monthly sessions?

These weekly broadcasts are a single 15-20 minute dive into solving a specific problem or demonstrating a specific technology (or maybe just explaining something really cool/complex in a way that’s easy to understand), followed by a Q&A period and accompanied by a chatroom. You could think of them as a distilled version of a single presentation from one of the monthly sessions.

Because these events are weekly, you’ll have a better opportunity to bring the things you’re working on and solicit ideas and feedback from everyone. It is a great place for everyone to turn tricky problems or good ideas into even greater solutions.

Who is this for?

These workshops are perfect for everyone who is building products and services using WordPress. Every week you’ll have the opportunity to get together with other like-minded creators and learn something new or share (and get feedback on) a great idea.

This is a great opportunity regardless of your current skill level. The topics we cover will cover the gamut from beginner to super-advanced and the other community members in attendance will provide even greater value than any lesson could by itself.

Who is it not for?

If you’re strictly using WordPress and never intend to step into a design or development roll, you’re probably going to want to pass on this one. The community aspect of these events are great, but unless you’re looking to scoop up a talented developer I think you will find a more valuable use for your time elsewhere.

How does it work?

Every Wednesday (official start time TBD), starting in November, you can attend a live broadcast covering a specific topic or technique for around 15-20min followed by Q&A. During the broadcast you’ll be able to chat with the instructor and other attendees, asking questions and shooting the breeze.

Just like our longer, monthly sessions, every weekly broadcast will be recorded and you’ll be able to watch it afterwards at your leisure. Unlike the monthly sessions, however, you’ll be able to access the entire backlog of weekly broadcasts. Pretty cool, right?

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You can pre-order your ticket starting today and you will not be billed until November. The first event will be Wednesday, November 12 and they will continue every Wednesday (excluding holidays) thereafter. Join the community and get your ticket!

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