Grow Your Audience with Gamification!

Session description:

In this session, I’ll be sharing viral gaming tips & actionable strategies that are really easy to implement, allow you to stand out from the crowd, and increase your website traffic and engagement like never before!

You’ll learn how to integrate game elements into your WordPress site, service, community, content or campaign, in order to drive participation, increase engagement and grow your traffic and sales.

I’ll also share examples from other successful online businesses so you can see how they are using game dynamics to challenge and reward their users, increase engagement, and also the tools you can use to implement these strategies in your business.

You’ll learn how to apply gaming elements to incentivize people to make an extra effort to do things that they otherwise would not, reward your listeners and members incrementally as they move through your course, your training, or your membership content.

The goal of this session is to show you different ways in which you can get your audience to engage with you, and with each other, in a fun and exciting way, helping them accomplish their goals, and also help you grow your business by recommending you to their friends and followers, thus creating a snowball effect!