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Develop more secure WordPress Plugins and Themes after attending this session on WordPress Security for Developers.

Join Chris Wiegman, Brad Williams, and Tony Perez to get an in-depth look at the many vulnerabilities that exist throughout websites and how you can actively develop to correct them. You'll also see a detailed walkthrough for how to clean a hacked site.

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Each of our sessions are digitally broadcast live and feature 3 separate presenters each focusing on a specific aspect of some WordPress topic. Each presenter will have roughly 30-40 minutes allotted for instruction and 15 minutes allotted for Q&A at the end. This means that, typically, the session will run three hours start-to-finish.

About This Session

On Saturday, May 31, Chris Wiegman, Brad Williams, and Tony Perez are coming to teach us the ins and outs of secure development. We’ll be getting an intro to site vulnerabilities (what is XSS, CSRF, and why they matter), then how to protect against dangerous, insecure data in our own development, and finally how to clean a site that has been hacked and infected.

Session Schedule

This session will be broadcast live on May 31, starting at 12pm ET.

12pm ET – Understanding Vulnerabilities (XSS, CSRF, WTF!?) – Chris Wiegman
To kick off the session, Chris will be walking us through the many types of vulnerabilities that are common among websites. More importantly, we’ll explore what an attacker can do with each of these types of vulnerabilities.

1pm ET – Data Validation, Sanitization, Escaping, and Nonces – Brad Williams
After learning about the many different types of vulnerabilities and attack styles, Brad will teach you how to protect against them in your code. By using proper sanitization and escaping of data you’ll be able to stop a would-be attacker from using your code as a point of attack.

2pm ETCleaning up a site after an attack – Tony Perez
It’s always disheartening when a security breach happens. It’s even more disheartening when the breach is on a site you’re responsible for maintaining. Tony will talk you down from the ledge and help you clean infected sites the right way. It’s surprising how easy it is to bring a site back to normal when you know what to do.

About the Speakers


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