WooSesh 2019

WooSesh 2019 featured 22 speakers across 19 different presentations that spanned the full gamut of ecommerce. Whether you’re interested in starting an ecommerce business, looking to gain traction, trying optimize a WooCommerce site for speed, or seeking tips to best solve merchant and customer problems, there is something for you in these presentations.

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WooSesh 2019 originally broadcast live on October 9-10, 2019. Below is a list of all the presentations, speakers, and descriptions.

State of the Woo

Paul Maiorana, Pedro Pinto, Dre Kitchen, and Alana Weinstein

Last year at WooSesh we heard a lot about where WooCommerce was heading in 2019. This year we are going to look back and see how all of those plans and predictions played out and look ahead, again, to chart a course for 2020.

The WooCommerce team is preparing a rich and insightful keynote that features case studies, lessons learned, and important areas of focus for the year to come. We’ll chat about what went well, what they’re doing now, and where we go from here. This is a keynote you won’t want to miss!

9 Emails Every Store Needs to Send

Sam Greenspan

Email marketing is the only marketing channel ecommerce stores can use to quickly and easily reach all their customers. No algorithms, no complicated bidding. In this session, Sam Greenspan, content marketer at ecommerce email platform Jilt, will go over the nine types of email that every store should send. Thousands of stores already send these emails through Jilt to generate millions of dollars in extra revenue each month. Whether you’re just getting started with email marketing or you already have a plan in place, you’ll come away from this session with an understanding of the email campaigns you should launch today to boost your store’s revenue.

Starting an eCommerce Business

Christie Chirinos

Let’s discuss how to succeed in the highly competitive business environment that is e-commerce. We’ll cover what exactly makes e-commerce such a challenging yet promising space, how to stand out in the market, and why WooCommerce is the best tool to start and grow with. Come away from this talk thinking about your unique advantages, and foundational knowledge on how to get an e-commerce business off the ground.

Optimizing the Journey from Entry to Checkout

Lauryn Smith

Baymard Institute will spend 40 minutes describing user behavior from their 42,000+ hours of independent e-commerce usability testing, breaking down the biggest eCommerce user experience (UX) mistakes.

Usability issues and corresponding best practices will be shared that will enable you to optimize the user’s experience on your mobile site from the entry point through checkout.

The developer heavy lifting areas will include:

  • Ensuring proper hit areas and spacing on the mobile interface
  • Linking promoted items or advertisements to product listing pages
  • Providing breadcrumbs on the PDP
  • Sticky buy buttons
  • Honoring user expectations when using the “back button”
  • Reducing password requirements
  • General form field usability (reducing form fields, indicating optional and required form fields, implementing correct touch keyboards)

Sales Tax for the Online Seller

Mark Ratcliff

What does sales tax and compliance mean to the online seller today? Avalara will provide an overview of what “nexus” is, how it can impact your business and what steps you should take to achieve and maintain sales tax compliance.

Gaining Traction and Reaching Escape Velocity

Why do so many successful entrepreneurs rocket out of the gate… but then promptly stagnate by their third year? Why do an even larger proportion of entrepreneurs fail to ever see the kind of market response they know their product or service is worthy of? Whether you’re stuck in a slump, having a hard time knowing where to focus your efforts, or just looking to supercharge your entrepreneurial performance and results, the 7 key takeaways of this presentation by automation-marketing specialist Patrick Kilchermann aim to help you ensure that 2020 is your greatest year in business yet, no matter what kind of business you run.

Completed Order is the Beginning, Not the End

Beka Rice

We’ve all heard that it costs a lot more to acquire a new customer than to sell to an existing customer, but how do you do it? Building customer relationships is the key to encouraging loyalty and repeat purchases, and sending great transactional emails is the first step towards a more engaged customer base.

Designing with Blocks

Joshua Wold

Joshua shares what it has been like building the WooCommerce editor blocks over the past several months from a design perspective.

Every Second Counts: how to speed up your WooCommerce store to close more deals

Chris Lema

Lots of people will tell you that a slow site increases abandoment, and that a fast site increases engagement. Very few people can provide you with actionable advice that you can implement and make measurable changes.

In this talk, Chris Lema will help you understand why speed is such a critical component to store success and show you a variety of ways you can improve the load times across your own site.

Sell Better Using Web Metrics that Matter

Tabitha Turton

Let’s look at several improvements you can make to your store using real visitor data. Specifically, we’re going to look for opportunities to improve customer engagement, visitor experience, conversion rate, and ultimately sales revenue using data you’re (hopefully) already collecting in Google Analytics.

We’re not going to waste any time on installing analytics, or exploring generic reports. Not in this session. No, we’re going to dig in directly to the metrics that you should care about, offer tips to help you get the most from Google Analytics, and experiment with changes that can have tremendous impact on your site.

Lessons Learned Building Complex Stores

Justin Sainton

After spending more than a decade specializing in ecommerce sites, Justin has collected quite a few hard-won lessons. In this session, you will learn from just a few of those with important take-aways that will influence the way you build ecommerce sites. Come and learn better ways to solve problems for stores with complex needs.

Custom Tables and the Checkout Bottleneck

Steve Grunwell

Each time an order is made on a WooCommerce store, dozens of entries are added to the WordPress post-meta database table. On smaller stores, these [expensive] writes are at most a minor nuisance, but on stores with large volumes of orders, these writes become a critical performance bottleneck.

This session is a case study of the WooCommerce Custom Orders Table plugin, a collaboration between Liquid Web and Mindsize. We’ll explore what it is, how it works, and the impact it’s already had on both the stores running it and WooCommerce as a platform. Finally, we’ll discuss the future of the plugin, including further enhancements and a possible path towards inclusion in WooCommerce core.

10x Your Email Marketing with Segmentation and Personalization

Max Rice

Email is the most effective marketing channel ecommerce stores can use. It has the highest ROI and drives the best conversion rates of any form of marketing, including social media, search, and display ads. But if you’re just blasting out the same emails to everyone on your list, you’re only getting half the value you could be. In this session, Max Rice, CEO of ecommerce email marketing platform, Jilt, will show you how to use segmentation and personalization to deliver more effective messages to your customers and subscribers to make more money from your email campaigns.

Augmented Reality and WooCommerce

Marcel Schmitz

WooCommerce has proven itself to be the preferred platform for people who want to have control over all the aspects of their online business. Due to its ability to be configured any way people need, integration with other systems are at the heart of its modular capabilities. In this talk, Marcel is going to guide us through his experiences developing a mobile app that mixes augmented reality with an online shop fully backed up by WooCommerce.

Productizing Development Work

Brian Casel

For years, Brian Casel has been publishing lessons and real-time stories across newsletters and podcasts. He has been building and growing self-funded businesses since 2008, most recently focusing on a service named ProductKit.

In this session, we are going to ask Brian Casel several new questions about various lessons learned while trying to productize his service-based businesses.

The Simple Jar a WooCommerce Subscriptions Case Study

Jeff Daigle

The Simple Jar makes weekly deliveries of fresh meals in mason jars to its customers in the Denver, Colorado area. Jeff Daigle worked with them to replace a labor-intensive, fully manual delivery management system with a custom automated platform built on WooCommerce Subscriptions.

The talk will cover adding multiple dimensions of custom data to Subscription records, creating an order management dashboard that allows customers to change of skip their weekly deliveries up to five weeks in advance, and customizing the Action Scheduler to control subscription renewal schedules down to the minute. The end result is a great example of how businesses can customize WooCommerce to fit their business models, instead of letting an eCommerce platform dictate how their businesses operate.

Small Changes that Make Big Impacts

Patrick Garman

People seem to think you need a magic wand to scale WooCommerce. And they use tools that promise them huge gains such as caching tools. We’re going to look at the tiny changes you can make to your own store that will have huge improvements. Sometimes it’s about doing the smart work instead of the hard work.

Scoping Projects: Important Questions to Ask Your Clients

Patrick Rauland

If you’ve ever rushed into a project with excitement, only to realize there was a poorly defined requirement, you know how important it is to ask the right questions.

Patrick Rauland is going to share with us, in the span of just 15 minutes, several different questions that he asks prospective clients before taking on new ecommerce projects.

How to Fix the Top 10 eCommerce UX Mistakes

Bryce Adams

In this session, Bryce will provide you with expert solutions to the important user experience issues provided in Lauryn Smith’s session from Day 1. Watch closely and learn how you can strategically apply custom code to provide the best UX for customers in every store you create.