WooSesh 2020

WooSesh 2020 featured 20 speakers who touched on touch on topics like customer experience, SEO, business development, and extending WooCommerce.

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WooSesh 2020 originally broadcast live on October 12-14, 2020. Below is a list of all the presentations, speakers, and descriptions.

Photo of Christie Chirinos

Get Started with WooCommerce Workshop

If you’ve never installed WooCommerce before, or haven’t touched it in a long time, this workshop is for you. We’re going to cover all the basics and take you from zero to a fully-functional store that’s ready for customers. Along the way we’ll work through a checklist of everything you need to do before your store goes live.

You can use your own WordPress installation or take advantage of a free Nexcess Managed WooCommerce account (highly recommended) to follow along with the instruction. We’ll also have workshop assistants ready to help you if you get stuck on any of the steps.

Photo of WooCommerce Team

State of the Woo

Join our guests from the WooCommerce Team to learn how WooCommerce has grown in the past year, new improvements in the platform, what’s coming up, and where the opportunities are for Builders.

Photo of Chris Lema

The Future of WooCommerce Stores: Shifting Away from Catalogs and Carts

Listen to Chris Lema share a year of research into the shifting dynamics of eCommerce stores. He’ll share what the team at Nexcess has learned and what they’re doing about it.


Micro UX Improvements to Delight Customers

Shopping decision is a mix of logic and emotion. Let’s see a quick, example-based guide on how micro-moments positively influence your visitors and either persuade them to take specific action or reduce frustration in failure moments.

Photo of Niklas Högefjord

Smoooth Checkout Tips

WooCommerce is a highly extendable e-commerce platform that lets you build the type of store you want. But this freedom also leads to trouble. Plugins, custom code and little changes can lead to issues and strange behaviour. In this presentation, we will cover a few quick and helpful tips for a healthier, optimized and smoooth checkout page.

Photo of Sarah Rennick

WooCommerce Troubleshooting Basics

Have you ever had problems on your WooCommerce site? Have you not known where to start in troubleshooting the issue? Have no fear! This talk will walk you through how to troubleshoot and diagnose some of the most common issues on WooCommerce sites, from problems on the front end to payment issues.

Photo of Clayton Goodhue

Understanding Sales Tax Challenges for Online Sellers

Understanding sales tax is hard. Staying compliant with all the rules can be even harder, especially for online sellers. Yet for many businesses, collecting and remitting sales tax is a necessity. Join this session to gain an understanding of sales tax and how to keep your business compliant.

Photo of Jono Alderson

Schema.org, Structured Data, & Everything SEO

Schema.org / structured data is a (important) thing, which anybody running a site – particularly if it’s an ecom store – should be aware of. SEO strategies need to actively consider and manage their schema, to take advantage of today’s tactical opportunities and shiny toys. There’s a ton of stuff which people aren’t doing in ecommerce, which they should be. There’s a ton of new stuff coming ‘tomorrow’, which early adopters should be preparing for.

Photo of Mitchell Callahan

21 Questions to Easily Scope Every Project

We went from overwhelm to growth when we used these 21 questions to scope our clients — and you can too. I’ll walk you through the Saucal System that made us a Preferred WooCommerce vendor.

Photo of Luke Cavanagh

What I Learned Optimizing 20 WooCommerce Sites

Luke Cavanagh has optimized 20+ WooCommerce sites. He’ll go over the top 10 things most stores do wrong, and how you can optimize your own WooCommerce site.

Photo of Kathy Darling

How to Extend WooCommerce

Get a first-hand account of how to build custom extensions for WooCommerce from a professional extension developer.

Photo of Julià Mestieri

Let’s Use Modern PHP

Most WooCommerce sites still run PHP code in ’00s style, and we all know that it’s hard to deal with it. So let’s stop adding new one! In this talk, I will show some easy and practical tips we used to introduce PHP standard recommendations and best practices in our regular development and how it improved our life and our site.

Photo of AJAX-ing your WooCommerce Website

Mitko Kochkovski

In his talk, Mitko will tell us about some of the ways WordPress websites can be AJAXed. The talk will start with explaining how the wp_ajax functionality works and show some tips and tricks, and then go into the WP API and some javascript frameworks that can help you AJAX your website.

Photo of Geoffrey Taylor

Sell On Any Device With an Internet Connection

We’re fast approaching a world where trillions of devices are connected to the internet – trillions. Accessing the web today is radically different from what it was even 20 years ago. Let’s spend time looking into the ways you can take WooCommerce out of the browser and add ecommerce functionality to virtually any internet-connected device you like – all through the power of GraphQL.