WordSesh EMEA 2019

WordSesh EMEA 2019 featured 11 speakers talking about a variety of topics ranging from blogging, building with Gatsby.js, creating a SaaS with Laravel and WordPress, and more.

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WordSesh EMEA 2019 originally broadcast live on Septemnber 25, 2019. Below is a list of all the presentations, speakers, and descriptions.

High-Performance Images in WordPress

High-Performance Images in WordPress

Keith Devon

The web is full of big beautiful images these days. They look great but they can come at a HUGE cost for performance. If your images aren’t optimised properly your websites speed will suffer, and that means higher bounce rates, lower conversion rates, poor engagement, and worse.

In this talk, we’ll explore all of the techniques at our disposal for optimising images to make your site way faster. We’ll cover image formats and sizes, optimization tools, responsive images, and exciting new opportunities.

Title slide for "Build Your Blazing Fast Site With Gatsby and WordPress"

Build Your Blazing Fast Site With Gatsby and WordPress

Muhammad Muhsin

Gatsby is all the rage now – it is a blazing-fast React-based static site generator which has won the hearts of many. And for good reason!

After Gatsby introduced themes, I began converting WordPress themes to Gatsby themes and experimenting with WPGraphQL for providing content. Now I want to help you take advantage of using WordPress as a headless CMS with Gatsby.

Title slide for "Optimizing Your Gatsby Site For Production"

Optimizing Your Gatsby Site For Production

Maedah Batool

Let’s talk about the important pre-requisites you need in order to convert your entire production site to Gatsby.js.

There are a lot of things WordPress provides for free. In this talk we’ll look at how to add sitemaps, embed videos, include RSS feeds, and more.

Title slide for "Jetpack, the Hidden Link Between Agencies & Their Clients"

Jetpack, the Hidden Link Between Agencies & Their Clients

Jesse Friedman

Jetpack is primed and ready to be used by agencies. Learn how you can use Jetpack and be a hero and turn your customers into loyal fans. From world-class security, to the stats showcase, to integration into mobile apps, Jetpack helps you and your customers stay better connected than ever. And, finally, learn how the Jetpack activity log gives you detailed insight into every change occurring across every client site with the ability to rollback changes.

Title slide for "Building a SaaS App with WordPress and Laravel"

Building a SaaS App with WordPress and Laravel

Jonathan Bossenger
During this workshop we will build a simple SaaS app for an existing WordPress plugin. We’ll start by building the Laravel app from scratch, including a simple API for third party access. We will then move onto using the WordPress HTTP API to connect our plugin to our Laravel app, in order to provide the premium service for plugin users. By the end of the workshop you should have a basic understanding of building a Laravel SaaS app and connecting your WordPress plugin or theme to it.

Title slide for "WebOps Wins!"

WebOps Wins!

Steve Persch

WebOps brings together developers, designers, marketers, content editors, and more. Everyone whose job it is to change the website in significant ways needs to think of themselves on the same team and working towards the same goals. This presentation will highlight how Pantheon enables collaboration to drive website success.

Title slide for "How to use GitHub Actions for WordPress Plugin Development"

How to use GitHub Actions for WordPress Plugin Development

Ahmad Bilal

GitHub Actions are the newest solution for continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD). They offer a streamlined path to trigger automations with each alteration to a GitHub repo.

This talk will introduce and walkthrough a few of the available features in order to demonstrate how to automatically deploy a plugin to WordPress.org every time a new version is tagged.

Title slide for "Blogging for Business in 2019"

Blogging for Business in 2019

Francesca Merano

Despite the constant stream of “Is blogging dead?” articles, having a blog is a great way to showcase your knowledge and expertise in a given field and serves as a solid base to build your reputation through content strategy.

In this talk, I will go over why you should start a blog in 2019 if you haven’t already. You will learn about the power of blogging, the shelf-life of a good blog post, and what you should blog about – and how to differentiate yourself – in order to better reach the right audience.

Title slide for "Makers of the Web, Meet Your Toolbox"

Makers of the Web, Meet Your Toolbox

Adam Warner

Adam shares his journey across the web, from a time before WordPress, through WordPress multisite, into plugin development, and beyond. He has a unique take and perspective on working with GoDaddy Pro that is worth 15 minutes of your time.

Title slide for "What's All The Fuss About DXPs, and Why Should I Care?"

What’s All The Fuss About DXPs, and Why Should I Care?

Karim Marucchi

There are a lot of people throwing around a lot of marketing words about “digital experience platforms” (DXP). What’s the bottom line? What does all the marketing fluff have to do with WordPress and how we think about building and delivering WordPress services and products?

Today, SMB Clients are not asking for DXPs, yet increasing numbers want to integrate their online marketing tools. How does the Enterprise trend of moving away form Content Management, and towards Digital Experience, help you with SMB clients today? Let’s get together and walk through it.

Title slide for "8 Lessons Learnt Through my Mental Illness"

8 Lessons Learnt Through my Mental Illness

Judith Schröer

On 28 April 2012 my life changed forever. I lost my companion, was forced to turn my 14 year old daughter over to a children’s home, and lost my job. I spent 16 weeks in rehab in a trauma clinic where doctors told me that I am mentally ill (depression, borderline PTSD, etc.) and disabled for work.

This talk is about the lessons I have learnt to change my way from “I am mentally ill, cannot work any more, and have no options” to “I am mentally ill; despite this I shape my life and run a business.”