Hello friends of Tom McFarlin!

I'm a huge fan of all the awesome content that Tom produces on TomMcfarlin.com. You probably are too, otherwise you wouldn't trust him and wouldn't follow his recommendations to check out strange and foreign sites (i.e. this site). Right?

I'm going to quickly make two assumptions about you, since you're here and reading this:

  1. You know what's good and don't like wasting your time.
  2. You're always looking to improve/expand your skills and stay sharp in our ever-changing industry of web development.

If I'm right about one or both of those things, you're going to like the content I host here on WPSessions. I've worked hard to bring together the foremost experts from around the world (including Tom!) and create a library of valuable training resources.

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—Brian Richards

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Having the right tool for a job can make all the difference. However, we have a lot of different responsibilities as web developers. Depending on your role and your area of focus you and your colleagues may use wholly different tools and services with no overlap between you. How do you even begin to find the best tool to suit your needs when everyone is doing things slightly differently than you?

Identifying and defining what types of work you’re responsible for as a developer is half the battle. Knowing which tools exist and how to use them is the other half. This session covers both fronts.

This session recording is normally $19, but you can access it using the link below for $0!

It's a full hour long, and in the presentation I cover the best tools and services for all of the following areas of work you're probably responsible for as a modern developer:

  • Writing and Reviewing Code
  • Source Control & Hosted Repositories
  • Local Development
  • Testing & Deploying Code
  • API Testing/Experimentation
  • Project Scheduling & Tasking
  • Bug tracking
  • Creating Proposals & Contracts
  • Notes & Documentation
  • Invoicing & Tracking Time
  • Client & Team Communication
  • Transactional Email
  • Domains and Hosting

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