Front-end Submissions

10 Lessons / 6.80 hours by Brian Richards in , ,

Front-End Submissions for OutspokenWomen.ioThis project focuses on supporting user-generated content. We’re going to build a form that allows visitors to submit a speaker profile and edit that published content – all without requiring a user account nor exposing any of the administrator area to visitors.

Here’s a look at all of the things we tackle in this series:

  • Client Interview – hear what the client expresses as their key concerns and project needs
  • Project Scoping – see how I convert business requirements into functional requirements
  • Plugin Scaffolding – quickly create a new plugin for custom data storage using WP-CLI
  • Admin editing form – create a comprehensive admin UI for editing custom content with CMB2
  • Front-end submission form – allow visitors to submit custom content
  • Password-free authentication – a custom authentication workflow that requires no user accounts
  • Email notification system – notify visitors and administrators at different times in the publication process
  • Approval workflow – leverage core WP features to create a simple, logical editorial workflow
  • Filterable and searchable archive page – Modify the WP_Query object to create an archive that is filterable and searchable with sharable URLs


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1 Project Setup 1.0 hours
1.1 Outspoken Women Client Interview 28:10
1.2 Front-end Submission Project Requirements 32:05
2 Plugin Setup 1.13 hours
2.1 Scaffolding the Plugin 30:51
2.2 Custom Data Storage 38:00
3 Submission Workflow 3.83 hours
3.1 Creating the front-end submission form 40:18
3.2 Fixing mistakes 28:47
3.3 Submission email authentication 51:32
3.4 Complete visitor email workflow 1.0 hours
3.5 Finished Admin workflow 49:23
4 Archives 49:02
4.1 Creating a Filterable Archive (Semi-detailed overview) 49:02