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Introducing the WPS Project Series

Let's spend some time together focusing on specific concepts, digging into the way things work, and building practical, real-world solutions for our clients!

Each project in the series is designed to help you build actual, tangible solutions – projects that solve problems you've either already experienced or will experience soon in your real work. We'll do this across multiple 15-20 minute videos, each of which covers a single facet of the overall project.

Jump in, learn both "why" as well as "how", and jump back to working on your own projects. It's that simple!

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October 18-19, 2018!

Hot on the heels of WordSesh, WooSesh is an all-new virtual conference for WooCommerce that is going to be amazing

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Getting Content from Clients On Time

Getting content from clients is often the worst bottleneck in the web design process. But with a good process in place, it becomes much more manageable. In this session, you'll learn some strategies, processes, and tools that will help make your make content nightmares a thing of the past.

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We've brought the best and brightest minds in WordPress help you save hundreds of hours and dollars on trial and error. These are are just a few of our incredible speakers.

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