Learning Path: Client Services

Nail Your Client Onboarding Process [Workshop]

Jennifer Bourn is excited to discuss onboarding as a game-changer for her business, offering a simple way to improve the client experience. In her workshop, she focuses on the content and client communication aspects of onboarding. Jennifer has been using these systems in her business since early 2011, and they have become an integral part of her program, Profitable Project Plan.

How to Sell Ongoing Services

Pay close attention to this one because Sara Dunn is going to show you how her business converted free support requests into paid work. Not only that, she is going to give you advice on how you can pitch and sell your client on the benefits of ongoing, monthly retainers.

After watching this session you should have a strong foundation to create predictable and scalable revenue streams for your business. This is a win for you because predictability leads to better sustainability, and it’s a win for your clients because it turns challenging unknowns into comforted certainties (i.e. turning “Help! Something is broken, can you fix it?” into “Thank you for always taking care of us!”).

The Dating Game: Understanding Price Anchoring

We are all consumers, customers, and clients for somebody. How does price affect our buying decisions? As a freelance professional, how do you decide what your prices should be? There is a particular psychology that is applied when we make decisions. Pricing is no different from dating. The results are different, but the process is the same.

What Clients Really Want

The client rarely knows exactly what they need. They know what they want or think they do, but they don’t know what they need. That is why they need an expert like you. They need someone to help them see what they need.

In this session, Nathan will show us how to ask the right questions and guide our clients to the solutions that will help them the most. Use this talk to become the expert that clients come to for answers.

Overdelivering: The Art of Exceeding Customer Expectations

A WordPress agency relies on a few things to be successful: repeat customers, recurring revenue, and referrals. How do we ensure we provide an experience to our customers that turn them into advocates for our brand?

…By overdelivering the entire way through.

While many people think overdelivering means giving away things for free, working longer hours, and charging less— that couldn’t be further from the truth. Kyle will help you overdeliver on every project by implementing (or improving) six actionable items in your business.

Eliminating Friction from Your Products, Customers, and Your Life

Nobody likes friction. But here’s the problem – familiarity doesn’t always breed contempt, sometimes it breeds acceptance. We get used to the friction we see and experience regularly.

But your life doesn’t have to be that way. Neither do the lives of your prospects. And your product, ordering, and customer onboarding all can do without friction.

In this talk, Chris will show you a simple way to manage friction audits and how to eliminate most of the friction in your life.

What's Next?