It's time to invest in yourself.

We've made this same offer before and it sold out. Here's a nice video Chris Lema kindly recorded for our last event:

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For the next 3 days (until 11:59pm EST on Monday, Nov 27) – or until we run out – we're offering 25 lifetime memberships to WPSessions.

Year after year, WPSessions continues to deliver incredible training to help developers like you grow their career and improve their quality of life. Our library now holds more than 269 hours of exclusive courses and sessions – with more still to come!

This opportunity is significant because, normally, our memberships cost $299 per year. But on this page you can get a lifetime membership for a single payment of $499

And, unlike most Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals, this one only exists here on this page and for an honest limited time. There is no price inflation, no fake discounts, no "good news, this offer has been extended!" emails. 

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Membership renews at $299/year.

Here are 9 good reasons to become a member today:

Become a better developer, starting now.

Fill your knowledge gaps with instruction from the smartest minds in our industry.

Run a smarter business, produce happier clients.

Learn from people who have been where you're heading so you can make fewer mistakes and reap greater rewards.

Set your own schedule.

Watch or listen to the recordings whenever it's most convenient for your timeline. You call the shots around here.

Refill your battery with loads of exclusive content.

As a member you'll have access to the entire 269+ hour training library, presentations you can't find anywhere else.

Save loads of money across the internet.

Access hundreds of dollars of discounts on useful products and services already buy (or want to buy).

Download the content, keep it forever.

Annual members can download every single video from our expanding library for permanent, offline viewing.

Direct the live content and meet the speakers.

Annual members help prioritize the content schedule. What is most important thing you want to learn in the next month? We can capture that next.

You can read the captions or watch the video.

Every recording has been transcribed and captioned. Our virtual conferences, are transcribed in real time, too.

Keep getting smarter, month after month.

You can access everything – recordings, discounts, downloads – for as long as you're a member. Watch the entire back catalog and new presentations as they're added throughout the year.

Want a preview? Watch this session for free:

Here's a look at some of the content we've added in the past 16 months:

Here's another preview from WordSesh 2022:

And another preview from WooSesh 2022:

Become a member to access all 21 WooSesh 2022 recordings...

And we're just scratching the surface here. There are 376 exclusive sessions already available, and more still to come...


Have a question? These are some common ones:

WPSessions is designed for web developers building sites with WordPress. Most members have 5+ years of experience with web development, but all of our content is approachable to someone beginning even their first year.

You'll get the most from your membership if you are eager learn new skills, build new habits, serve better clients, and serve clients better.

Now, I have an important question for you:

Is your growth plan working?

When I started WPSessions in 2013 I found myself struggling with three basic questions:

  1. Where do I turn to learn about web development?
  2. Which resources have been the most instrumental to my growth?
  3. What am I doing to sharpen my skills and stay ahead of the curve?

Maybe you've asked yourself these same questions and came to the same conclusion I did: this isn't working.

With the web advancing in so many different directions it is often challenging to know what to learn or where to learn it. And that's why I created WPSessions.

(You can learn more about my journey in the short video below)

“I don’t want to learn something twice, I want to learn it right the first time.”


Invest in yourself & make the most of this next year!

I want to help you make the most of what's left of 2022 and all of 2023. A WPSessions Membership is the single best way I can think to do that. See, I started WPSessions because I longed for a single resource that I could turn towards for improving my career. I personally wanted a place to learn the best ways to work with WordPress and its surrounding technologies and practices.

Tons of great content already with more still on the way!

Some of my favorite sessions are the ones that focus on working with clients – sessions like "The Dating Game: Understanding Price Anchoring" or "What do you do with a problem?" – bringing solid business advice for those of us who are independent contractors and agency workers alike.

I also love our technical sessions where speakers dive into important tech that I can use on new projects – sessions like "Working with the WP REST API" or "Making the most of _s".

WPSessions has content you won't find anywhere else!

The training that is produced here on WPSessions is exclusive content that you're cannot watch elsewhere. This site now has more than 269 hours of training content in the library.

As a member you get access to all of it. All of our past training, and all of our future training, for as long as you wish. As an annual member you can even download all of the content for offline viewing and bring it with you permanently!

Whatever your focus is, if you're building sites with WordPress, I can promise there is something in our growing library for you.

Start feeding your brain today!

Happy Brain

Let WPSessions help guide you on your journey to building better websites. Every month WPSessions is at work on your behalf curating the foremost experts to train you in WordPress-related topics.

As a WPSessions Member you can:

  • Take deep dives into different WordPress topics and learn them better than ever before.
  • Download all of the content and watch it offline – forever.
  • Help direct what topics we focus on next and who we invite to speak.
  • Sharpen your skills and stay ahead of the curve.

You have two choices, but you must move quickly!


You have until 11:59am EST on November 27, 2023 – or until we sell out – to lock in one of these incredible deals.

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Become an Annual Member

Membership renews at $299/year.

Become a Lifetime Member

Pick this option and never pay again.

Quality Teaching

“Looking for the best WordPress knowledge from people who know the most? Join WPSessions!”
– Gloria Antonelli

Simple Focus

“WPSessions has a simple focus – to educate you by bringing incredible talent together to focus on specific topics you need to know. They could charge much, much more, but their focus isn’t on money as much as it is education. Check it out now!”
– Chris Lema

Informative & Energetic

“Not only have I gotten good information from the sessions, I am given a boost of energy and creativity. I work from home and appreciate this chance to participate and interact in a live group of equally interested WP enthusiasts.”
– Julie Anne McRae

Next-Level Skills

"When someone asks me how to take their development skills to the next level, I recommend WPSessions."
– Shawn Hesketh