Spend less time training and more time on billable work.

Bring new hires up to speed faster than ever.

Every team I've ever met has wanted to improve their onboarding process. It's a universal constant, dating back to their very first hire.

I would like to put an end to that. If you're ready to fix your onboarding process, I'm prepared to help.

With a structured onboarding program from WPSessions, you can reclaim valuable production hours, hire from a more diverse and less competitive talent pool, save money, and provide each new teammate with a consistent and concise hiring experience.

Save time and money.

A properly designed onboarding program can help you streamline all the expenses, time, and headaches that come with hiring someone new.

Let's face it: hiring new team members is as expensive as it is draining.

Depending on your hiring process, you probably spend a couple dozen hours just meeting the qualified candidates. Then, after you've hired them, you invest even more time and money showing them the ropes and integrating them within your infrastructure.

In addition to reducing your overhead costs, a properly designed onboarding process can help you identify better candidates, prevent team members from leaving prematurely, and even increase your average tenure.

Hire from a larger talent pool.

Imagine being able to hire a candidate with limited work experience and give them the necessary experience quickly.

We're operating in a very competitive market. Experienced developers are in exceptionally high demand and hiring them comes at a premium. But what if you could recruit an entirely new class of candidates – one that is largely ignored by other teams?

I can help you create a comprehensive onboarding program to train these candidates and provide them with exposure to real-world situations, without putting your projects at risk.

Improve your employee retention.

Most teams have trouble retaining staff for more than two years, on average.

What's worse, all of the money and energy you spend hiring staff is forfeit as soon as they leave your company. It hurts the same whether they were a poor fit and exit right away or were an excellent fit and leave after two years.

Studies show that employees who are given opportunity to grow – such as through a purposeful onboarding program or ongoing training – are far more likely to stay with their current team and, importantly, not even look for other opportunities.

Time for some math.

Hiring less-experienced staff, then bringing them up to speed quickly, can save $15,000-20,000 in salary during their first year of employment alone.

  • You'll save $1,800 by enabling these new hires to train independently – assuming your staff currently spends around 30 hours helping new hires at an internal rate of $60/hr.
  • You'll capture another $1,800 in profit per hire once each new hire can average 30 more billable hours during their first six weeks.
  • Plus, with a better-equipped team, you may need fewer new team members, saving on salaries, benefits, and more.

In total, a proper onboarding program could save you anywhere from $18–$24k, per new hire... in just one year!


Let's design the perfect onboarding experience for your team.

Every team is different. You need something that nobody else has.

I have helped onboard numerous individuals across a variety of disciplines and purposes. I've helped agencies train new development and support staff. I've helped businesses train new clients. In a few cases, I've even helped clients train brand new development teams!

Now I want to help you produce the most effective onboarding program you've ever seen, customized perfectly for your team.

Screenshot of assignments viewer and video player.
Sample onboarding assignments and training videos.

What is included in an onboarding program?

That depends on your team...

In most cases, I've found that the winning combination is a mixture of written guides, video walkthroughs, guided assignments that represent real work, and a healthy supply of resources for long-term reference and growth.

Guides & Procedures

Get a fresh (or freshly updated) series of documents to use for your employee handbook, developer workflows, project guides, and more.

Video Walkthroughs

Short, detailed, and professionally edited screencasts that demonstrate essential business operations and coding practices.

Practical Assignments

Give staff the opportunity to demonstrate their understanding. See how they handle both clear tasks and requirements with information gaps.

Helpful Resources

Provide your team with a significant leg up. I can produce PDF cheat-sheets, curated external resources, even interactive developer guides.

Because each team is unique, it is equally likely that your team will use none of a particular type of content as it is that you'll use all or only one of them. We'll work together to determine the appropriate amount and style of content to suit your specific needs.

"We've already seen the benefits…"

Prospress team photo With our complex WooCommerce product line-up, we face ever-increasing customer demands. Growing our team's headcount with experienced, intelligent people alone is not enough to keep up with those demands.

We need new team members to develop expert knowledge of our products, and fast.

We knew a training course would be the most scalable way to help new team members acquire that knowledge. We also knew that we didn't have the capacity internally to create such a program. That's why we were so glad to work with Brian to create private training.

Brian worked closely with me at the beginning of the process to design a curriculum that would serve our needs. He then independently took the time to learn the ins-and-outs of our products and create content which met those needs.

I'm not sure there's anyone else in the world that could have done that.

To do it effectively requires an expert software developer with deep WordPress and WooCommerce knowledge, on top of being an educator specializing in entirely online courses.

We've already seen the benefits of our private training with the two new people we've had start trial since creating the course move up the learning curve faster than anyone we've ever seen.

Photo of Brent Shepherd

Brent Shepherd
CEO, Prospress

"The curriculum […] was spot on…"

Brian was warmly recommended by people I regard as leaders in the industry. I came to him with a very specific need: a mix of on-site and remote training for a small team that was completely new to WordPress and other aspects of modern web development.

The curriculum that Brian developed for the team was spot on, and not only because Brian is himself a leader in the industry too, but also because he was very attentive to the team's needs and progress. His content is high quality and he excels at sharing his knowledge, through code examples and slides.

With Brian's training, the team built their first custom plugin that's been successfully adopted in our division and we are able to make improvements to our custom WordPress sites.

Photo of Thomas Deneuville

Thomas Deneuville
Director of Web Services, Cornell University

Let's talk!

Empowering people is kind of my thing.

If you want help guiding your team – especially new hires – to reach their full potential, please get in touch. I love helping everyone do their best work, and I can't think of a better way to spend my time!

Quality Teaching

“I’ve had the opportunity to work closely with Brian and see how he works with teams and coaches people. He’s respectful, but doesn’t hold back when it comes to offering feedback and teaching quality. Sprinkle that with his dry humor and you’ve got a great combination of teacher, coach, and leader.”
– Carrie Dils

Uniquely Gifted

“Brian is not only one of the most knowledgeable developers in the WordPress community, but is also uniquely gifted at teaching highly technical topics in a way that makes them easy to grasp. When someone asks me how to take their development skills to the next level, I recommend Brian’s training courses.”
– Shawn Hesketh

Most Experienced

“Brian is one of the most experienced developers in the WordPress ecosystem. He has a broad range of technical capability, as well as the ability to translate his knowledge so others can understand. I trust him completely for when I need expert help.”
– Brian Krogsgard