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How profitable is your business?

You may have seen the session Creating Profitable Project Plans, featuring Jennifer Bourn of Bourn Creative. What you might have missed, though, is that Jennifer has produced an extended course that focuses on the same content, her similarly named Profitable Project Plan.

If you're a fan of WPSessions there is a very good chance you'll be a fan of the Bourns. So today I want to tell you a bit more about how Jennifer and Brian Bourn have built profitability into their own business, and what that could mean for yours.

The road to profitability

Bourn Creative have spent the past several years building a reputation for being a high-quality, meticulous design and development shop. They didn't get to this point, though, by focusing exclusively on the project deliverable. I don't know anyone who has, come to think of it. Jennifer and Brian Bourn got to this point by focusing on the complete client experience.

We've talked about different aspects of this – delivering a complete experience to clients – across the past several sessions. The Bourns are a perfect example of the culmination of that effort. Their business is profitable and well-regarded because they do good work, stick to their plan, and invest time communicating with their clients.

And because their business is profitable, Jennifer and Brian have been afforded the opportunity to be more selective in the projects they accept as well as spend more time on extended family vacations with their two kids.

Finally, a profitable project plan

The reason I'm taking the time to highlight the Bourns and tell you about this today is because Jennifer has collected and documented the exact process she uses at Bourn Creative to sell, support, and track all of their projects and clients. She has created a course, the Profitable Project Plan, so you can do this in your own business.

For the next two weeks, if you purchase the Profitable Project Plan, you can get a WPSessions VIP membership for free – a $299 savings! This applies to both the Pro package she's offering as well as the Standard package (I recommend the Pro package unless you already have a client agreement contract that you absolutely love, but that's up to you).

If you're not already sure that this is a powerful next step for your business, I would like to introduce you to Jennifer and let her tell you more about it in her own words:

What's Included

The Profitable Project Plan is a proven system that has worked on several hundred real-world client website projects. More than just theoretical tips, this plan includes the actual step-by-step project management strategies employed by Bourn Creative. You'll get valuable and time-saving document templates, instruction on how to use the templates, automated content sequences, client education resources, and other bonuses that will increase your productivity right away.

Welcome & Overview

Intake & Onboarding

Strategy & Design

Development & Launch

Ownership & Support

A step-by-step system that moves projects forward without you, reducing hours and maximizing profitability, yet makes clients feel well cared for and valued.

A way to focus on the most critical aspects of your projects while eliminating project management and administrative time-sucks so you can finally get your life back.

More than 40 done-for-you, pre-written, client emails to support your projects every step of the way — just swipe and use right away.

Outlines and scripts to walk you through each client call, so you maximize results in the minimal amount of time, improve communication, and avoid misunderstandings and client challenges.


Nine pre-written, educational bonus guides (with tons of value for your clients) that you can send within the automated workflows to help your clients with content, list building, developing content, email marketing, SEO, and more.

Training on each step with interactive Q&A, so you can implement with ease. All trainings are recorded so you can watch when it works best for you.

The ability to move at your own pace, because I know you're busy and you need to be able to work ON your business IN your own schedule.

The ability to customize everything. Every email, every script, every guide can be customized for your brand and message. Get started right away by simply replacing my business name with yours, or dig in deeper and customize the language to fit your brand.

The Profitable Project Plan is broken up into eight steps and will be taught over eight weeks so you have time to take action and begin implementing everything in your business. Every training session will be recorded so you can watch whenever it works in your schedule.

The Profitable Project Plan course includes lessons for the following topics:

  • Close The Sales Without Selling (Pro package)
  • Contracts That Convert With Ease (Pro package)
  • Welcome Your Clients
  • Onboard Your Clients
  • Support Your Clients During Design
  • Guide Your Clients During Development
  • Prepare Your Clients For Launch
  • Provide Your Clients Ongoing Value

And here are some of the benefits you'll gain by becoming a WPSessions VIP Member:

  • Over 80 hours of video training covering plugin development, the WP REST API, security, ecommerce, theme development, and more
  • Exclusive, member-only course material including topics like site performance & optimization
  • Ability to download all WPS material for permanent, offline viewing
  • Savings and discounts with many popular WP shops and services
  • Ongoing training opportunities to keep your mind and skills sharp

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Profitable Project Plan + VIP Membership

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6+ Hours of video instruction and Q&A
A Six-phase website client management system
4 Sequential client management email sequences
40+ Pre-written client communication emails
9 Pre-written educational guides for your clients
PLUS: every WPS VIP Membership benefit

Profitable Project Plan PRO + VIP Membership

$898 $599

Everything in the standard package, plus:
1 Sales training video lesson
1 Step-by-step sales call outline and script
1 Contract/client agreement video lesson
1 Sample client contract/client agreement

Preemptively Answered Questions (PAQs)

Anything else?

That's it from me for now. I hope you can take advantage of this incredible opportunity I've worked out with Jennifer – both the introductory session and the PPP+VIP deal. Enjoy!