Chris Lema

10 Automations For Your Next WooCommerce Store

Businesses lost approximately 756 billion last year due to poor eCommerce personalization. How can we change that number and increase revenue? Automations. Automations That focus on driving greater revenue.

Chris brings us data from 150,000 eCommerce stores with research focused on the emails that went out. the emails were categorized by what are they doing? Are they bringing people back? Are they building customer loyalty? Are they helping you sell more stuff?

In this session, Chris will look at the different categories we can automate in our WooCommerce store and which automation should you focus on the most.

There’s never enough time to do everything. The answer is automation and today there’s no excuse not to embrace the tools that exist to make it all easier.

What You’ll Learn

  • The best email sequences to automate
  • Data to back up the need for targeted emails that you can automate
  • Automations you need to implement today
  • How to automate coupons
  • Overview of a platform to help you build automation