Pictures of Tiffany Bridge

10 Secrets for Setting Up Your Store Like a Pro

In this session, Tiffany will help you optimize your WooCommerce store with valuable tips and best practices.

Save time, money, and heartache by building and enhancing your WooCommerce store like a seasoned pro! Tiffany Bridge will spill the secrets people pay big money for when creating their site, giving you immediately actionable updates anyone — regardless of their level of experience — can do to improve your performance, security, and

What You’ll Learn About

  • The joys of a CSV Product Importer
  • Flat Rate Shipping + Shipping Classes
  • How to use the Product Bulk Editor
  • Cross-sells and Upsells
  • How to use the “Sorting” view to arrange your product listing
  • SMTP for email deliverability
  • Edit default transactional emails
  • Connect an email marketing platform right away
  • Regular Performance Checks
  • WooCommerce blocks in the block editor