10 Simple WooCommerce Code Hacks – in a Good Way!

One of the best arguments for using WooCommerce is its endless extensibility. Join Marcus as he gives code snippet examples and shares best practices for adding code snippets to your site.

In this talk, you will learn ten ways you can quickly hook into WooCommerce to make simple tweaks to your store’s content and functionality.

What You’ll Learn

  • Advertising and CTA code snippets
  • Store management code snippets for switching from “processing orders” to “completed”
  • Customer experience code snippet for previously bought products
  • Promotion code snippet to insert “add sample to cart” button on the single product page
  • Store data code snippet to add a custom column to the order admin page
  • User interface code snippet to change “select options” text for variable products on shop/archive pages
  • Checkout flow code snippet to redirect to checkout on “add to cart”
  • Communication code snippet to customize “added to your cart” message
  • Customer incentives code snippet to put a custom notice on a single product page
  • Upsells and cross-sells code snippets to upsell products on the “thank you” page