3 Advanced Techniques to Speed Up Your WordPress Site

Do you want to speed up your site? If so, this workshop is just for you.

Mendel and Luke are here to tell you, show you, and give you a chance to implement changes on your own site to speed it up. The only thing you need is a URL that you can use to implement changes. This talk will start with a few site speed stats to help explain why you should optimize for speed. They provide a checklist for choosing the right host and a list of resource management tools.

Blast past your competition with a lightning-fast site as you learn advanced caching tips, a plugin strategy, and resource optimization.

What We’ll Workshop

  • Baselining your site’s performance
  • Finding poor-performing plugins and themes
  • optimizing fonts
  • loading analytics scripts
  • fine tuning full page cache
  • serving static assets via content delivery network