Alex Nitu

Accelerate Your Development Timeline Today

Are you struggling to meet your deadlines? Is your creativity being stymied by repeating tasks? Do you consistently wrestle with efficient time management?

In this talk, Alex will share my insights on how to maximize efficiency in web development and hopefully by the end arm you with the tools needed to set yourself up for success.

Together, we will break this subject down into bite-size sections, and walk you through Alex’s most used tools, insights, and general headspace when tackling new projects.

Our journey will take us through a myriad of subjects, starting with efficiency and time management — spoiler, the 80/20 rule applies even more so in web development — and ending with Alex’s approach to identifying opportunities for workflow automation.

Along the way, we’ll pass waymarks such as your local environment setup — development or otherwise, how you write and more importantly read code, requirement gathering as well as a team and project structure, to name a few. All of these subjects will be accompanied by real-life examples pulled from my experience working with WordPress.

In an ever-changing landscape of tools, frameworks, and flavor-of-the-day technologies, it’s easy to feel like you’re standing on quicksand. So why not make sure you have a solid foundation for your professional development? Let’s do that together!

What You’ll Learn

  • Definition of the 80/20 rule
  • Tricks to structure your time for maximum productivity
  • How to eliminate distractions
  • Tips to beef up your development environment
  • How to have a successful team structure