Josh Palmeri

Admins are Users, Too! — Building Great Experiences for WordPress Admins

As WordPress Developers, we should all know that user experience is a fundamental key to success. People matter more than websites, right? But oftentimes, we forget that Admins are users, too, and their experience matters.

In this session, Josh will discuss essential principles and practical tools we can all use to empower WordPress admins and dashboard users to work more effectively, and enjoy their work a bit more in the process!

Josh has a different approach to UX and he wants to renew your passion for creating an optimal user experience. Use your power as developers, designers, and creators to make the user experience better. Seek to understand the whole picture because the more you care the better the experience is for everyone.

What You’ll Learn

  • A go-to list for creating an optimal UX for the admin users
  • The how what and why through a case study
  • How to gather feedback from your admin users and what to do with their feedback
  • Tools and resources to improve UX
  • And more!