Are you Ready to be Hacked?

Have you considered how you would handle your site getting hacked? If not, you should and you should check out this session to help you better prepare.

This session is the ultimate disaster recovery plan. Daniel will show off his workflow for responding to a site attack – who to contact, what to recover, and how to recover. An attack can happen to anyone, especially you. Particularly if you’re ignorant of how attacks work and how to recover from them.

Join us for a detailed walkthrough of practical WordPress security. Hope is not a strategy. Learn from the experts and increase your site security.

What You’ll Learn

  • The many ways and reasons an attacker may attack your site.
  • What does, and does not work to improve your site’s security
  • How you can prevent malicious visitors from even accessing your site
  • How to recover after an attack
  • And more!