Asking the Right Questions

Bowe Frankema is here to share his wealth of knowledge about starting a BuddyPress site. He wants to help you create something you can be proud of and that works for you!

Before you jump in and build that BuddyPress site, are you certain you have the right answers? Are you positive you’ve asked the right questions, even? If you’re using BuddyPress to build community, there are a ton of different questions you need to answer before you begin. Bowe will walk you through each of those questions, their common answers, and the many things he’s learned while building BuddyPress sites for fun and profit over the years.

In this session, Bowe will start with basic questions like “who is my audience” and move into more technical questions to consider.

What You’ll Learn

  • Technical and community-building questions to consider
  • How to make a profile for your target audience
  • Questions you need to answer before you start a new site
  • How to leverage BuddyPress
  • Best practices for starting a new WordPress site