Blazing Fast Block Development

You are pretty good at developing blocks, but you need a better workflow. You need a way to create blocks faster. This talk will give you all the resources you need to make your process more efficient and save you a ton of time. Lee has vetted these tools and has his process down to a science. Come learn all of his ways.

Lee is OBSESSED with optimizing his block development workflow for speed and scalability. He’s built a BUNCH of custom block plugins over the years. In this talk, Lee shares the framework he created for quickly building custom block plugins.

What You’ll Learn

  • the 3 pillars of blazing fast block development
  • How to learn, build, and publish block plugins faster
  • Tools you need to leverage to accomplish building blocks faster
  • How the different tools work together to help you
  • Pro and cons of npx @wordpress/create-block vs. npx create-block-plugin