Blogging for Business in 2019

Despite the constant stream of “Is blogging dead?” articles, having a blog is a great way to showcase your knowledge and expertise in a given field and serves as a solid base to build your reputation through content strategy.

There are indeed more blogs competing for people’s attention today than there were ten years ago, which means it’s even more important to write quality content to differentiate yourself from the competition and rank on search engines.

In this talk, we will go over why you should start a blog if you haven’t already. You will learn about the power of blogging, the shelf-life of a good blog post, and what you should blog about depending on the goal you set for yourself.

What You’ll Learn

  • The difference between blogging and content marketing
  • Why we should still be blogging
  • How to be strategic about your topic choices
  • How to stay organized
  • Stats to prove we should be blogging
  • Five things you can do today to get started