BuddyPressifying a WordPress plugin using BP_Component

Have you been thinking about using BuddyPress? Are you currently using BuddyPress and think you could be doing something better? There is no better place if you want to know the ins and outs of building a site, theme, or plugin with a focus on BuddyPress.

Member profiles are one of BuddyPress’s most powerful and frequently used parts. BP ships with a rich interface for displaying user-specific content – custom profile fields, user activity and groups lists, user settings, etc. But the best thing about BP member pages is that they are infinitely extensible. This session with Boone Gorges will explore how the BP_Component API provides a rich interface for plugin developers to add tabs to BP user profiles. And we’ll talk about strategies for WordPress plugin authors to leverage this API to build BuddyPress compatibility into their existing plugins.

What You’ll Learn

  • Overview of BuddyPress out of the box
  • How to extend BuddyPress
  • How to add a social layer to your WordPress site using BuddyPress
  • How to leverage the BP_Component API to make your site even better