Melissa Love

Building a Feel Good Marketing Funnel Using WordPress

In this entertaining session, Melissa will show you how to build a sales funnel that *whispers* real humans can enjoy.

Even the words ‘sales funnel’ sound like they were invented by an evil robot. (No one minds an evil robot in a disaster movie, but you don’t want one in your inbox).

She’ll show you her funnel-building strategy, explore the moving parts and tell you the story of how she lost £30k in her first business venture (yes, she should have built a funnel!)

Even better, Melissa’s funnel-building strategy uses only two tools – WordPress and an email marketing platform.

This session is for anyone who has hit the limit of where their time and talent alone can take them and wants to generate a steady stream of new leads by building an automated system that doesn’t feel salesy or ‘sleazy’.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to create a feel-good marketing funnel
  • Marketing strategies to stay away from
  • How to create a marketing system that is human first
  • Creating content that is customized to fit different audiences