Building a therapist directory with React and Headless WordPress

This talk highlights the significant technical details of building a membership directory using React and WordPress as a headless CMS. Along the way, Michelle will divulge challenges she faced as a newbie, some successful moments, embarrassing decisions, and a few inner narratives from a developing Full-stack Product Designer.

In this session, Michelle will share ways to simplify your development workflow by using React and headless WordPress. She shares technical components as well as ways to keep your sanity along the way. Come and learn from her failures and successes.

What You’ll Learn

  • How reusable components can save your life
  • Installing libraries
  • How to set up React
  • How to set up WordPress and configured the REST API to connect to the front-end (React App)
  • How to research and organize data for your project
  • Best practices for project management
  • Advanced Custom Fields
  • Formik + Yup