Building an Audience for your Business

Join Matt Medeiros as he takes us through the basics of building and maintaining a client base and marketing yourself proudly. He has built a successful WordPress business and agreed to share what he knows to make it easier for you to build and run your own.

Some prerequisites for anyone attending this session include a desire to learn and grow, a hunger to start (or improve) a business, and a willingness to turn this knowledge into action. You don’t have to be running your own business already – in fact, if you’re only toying with the idea there are some extra-helpful bits for you here. For everyone who is running a business already, this session aims to help you run it better – to improve your life, the lives of your employees, and the lives of your customers/clients.

Topics Covered

  • The benefits of building a community (includes: why a community is important, and how to build one)
  • Marketing yourself is OK (includes: selling to your community without becoming an awful jerk)
  • The tools & platforms to use to improve your business (including software, services, blogs, and more)