Building & Sustaining a Business on Free Software

Growing a profitable business in the WordPress ecosystem can be hard. How do you combine a real passion for open source with growing a successful business?

In this talk, Joost and Marieke share the Yoast-rollercoaster: What were the highs and lows, how did we grow our audience and why is WordPress so immensely important? Their story will inspire and challenge aspiring business owners.

What You’ll Learn

  • A view of the Yoast campus and how they have grown over the years
  • How Yoost got started back in 2006
  • Elements you need to build a business in the WordPress eco-system
  • How their business evolved over the years
  • How they grew the Yoast team
  • How to make money on an open source platform
  • The challenges that come with a growing company