Building your first custom block… with PHP

So, you are not new here. You have been around the block, per se, with WordPress. You’ve done some type of page templating with PHP and developed some workflows but now you want to do more in the block editor. You have the desire to do more custom work. Rob is here to encourage you to embrace the modern block editor within WordPress.

In this session, Rob walks through creating a custom block… in about 2 minutes. You’ll be amazed by how easy it can be! Rob then walks through more complex custom blocks to show you how you can leverage the power of WordPress and even integrate with other plugins to deliver unique and powerful experiences for your website visitors.

What You’ll Learn

  • All about the core of common WordPress
  • What is to come with WordPress
  • A walk-through of Genesis custom blocks
  • Who the Genesis custom blocks were designed for
  • The value of custom blocks
  • Decisions that have been made for custom blocks and options left for developers