Code Quality Makes Our Jobs Easier

There are a lot of books, lectures, tutorials, and information readily available to you about clean code and code quality techniques. Developers find it difficult to make the leap from these resources and apply the techniques directly to their code. Why? It seems foreign, unrelatable, and too hard to implement. Let’s fix that.

Code quality focuses on simplicity and expressiveness.

It wipes away unnecessary code. It drives us to design simple, purposeful single pieces of functionality. It emphasizes the “human side” by making it human-readable.

When we shift our mindset to build code in this manner, we make it easier and faster to build, integrate, extend, validate, and maintain. We drive down costs, risks, and bugs. We empower anyone to pop into our project and quickly get to work.

In this session, let’s wipe away the confusing jargon and noise. You’ll be armed with practical, easy-to-go-implement-right-now strategies that will immediately simplify and improve the quality of your code.

What You’ll Learn

  • How quality code makes all of our jobs easier
  • How quality drives down costs, bugs, and risks
  • How to develop your quality mindset to focus directly on simplicity and expressiveness
  • Strategies to make your code “human readable”
  • Strategies to simplify your code
  • How to sniff out smelly code and potential problem areas