Beka Rice

Connected Commerce: Multichannel Selling

When you say multichannel, what do you even mean? Where do I begin with multichannel selling? This talk will cover a little bit about the channels that are out there and the most helpful information to guide a merchant to decide on the right channel for them.

This session is an overview of multichannel and omnichannel sales for eCommerce merchants. Beka will share how to get started with new channels and what you should know along the way.

You will learn which channels are right for your business and how to keep your data connected between channels. We will discuss online, in-person retail, social, and marketplace selling.

Beka will share how merchants use these channels to level up and grow their business, especially for those of you who primarily work in Woo either as a merchant or with clients.

What You’ll Learn

  • The pros and cons of single, multi, and omnichannel sales
  • The channels you should know
  • How to choose the right channel
  • How to get started with a new channel