Ellen Bauer

Convert a Classic Theme to a Block Theme

Throughout this workshop, we’ll discuss which website projects can benefit the most from the new full-site editing features, what limitations we are still facing, and a prediction of what the future of WordPress themes will most likely look like.

Ellen will use an old classic theme to demo how to convert it to a block theme. Together, we will set up the header and footer in a block theme, learn to work with Templates and Template Parts, set up page contents, and dive into how Styles work.

What You’ll learn

  • Block theme file structure
  • Theme.json overview
  • Color palettes, fonts, and styles variations for block themes
  • Advantages and disadvantages of changes to a block theme for users and developers
  • Code to help get started with headers and footers
  • Page templates and how to use patterns in the WordPress
  • A few considerations before switching your theme