CRM – the True Essential Tool for the Modern Business

Successful developer-entrepreneurs, Woody and Mike built Jetpack CRM to bring customer relationship management tools to WordPress. Initially designed to help local service companies and eCommerce sellers, Jetpack CRM now helps thousands of businesses improve customer communications, build enduring relationships, and increase profits. Learn more about CRM and see how Jetpack CRM works.

Businesses that build up organized data about their contacts benefit in many secondary ways. Not only will you learn how to build a robust client database, but also how you can grow your business with the data you collect.

Join Woody Hayday and Michael Stott as they explore one of the most core business tools available today.

What You’ll Learn

  • A definition of a CRM
  • A high-level demo of Jetpacks CRM
    • Organizing customers (tags, filters, statues)
    • Building metadata on a contact
    • Contacting customers straight from the CRM
    • Segments
    • Transactions
    • Available extensions
    • Advance settings
    • Metrics