Debugging Like a Pro with Brian Richards

Debugging like a Pro

Web development is an expensive process. One of the most costly aspects of building and running websites is finding and handling bugs. It’s expensive to site owners because it costs them uptime, credibility, and revenue. It’s expensive for developers and agencies because it’s time that could better be spent solving new and more interesting problems.

Nobody enjoys being halted by a bug. Not even people (like me) who enjoy solving puzzles and fixing things.

In this talk, we’ll review several options and opportunities that exist to make our debugging process faster and more effective. Specifically, we’ll look at several tools and how to use them along with several valuable debugging techniques that help us put out fires faster than ever. Everyone, regardless of skill level, should walk away from this talk with at least one new thing to add to their debugging toolkit.

What you’ll learn

  • Using the right tool for the right job (a close look at several useful debugging tools)
  • PHP-specific debugging techniques
  • JavaScript-specific debugging techniques
  • WordPress-specific debugging techniques
  • Permanent debugging via automated testing
  • Advanced tips
  • Beginner tips
  • Useful debugging resources