Decoupling WordPress: What You Should Know

In this session, Rachel is going to provide personal insight on converting a traditional WordPress site into a headless installation with a static, Gatsby-based front-end. She’s going to share lessons learned, pros and cons, and a few tips and resources to help you begin your headless journey.

Rachel will walk us through a WordPress site redesign using the decoupled approach. She will address why they chose to do a redesign, why they chose to decouple, and why they chose Gatsby. You will get to peek inside and see how they navigate the decoupled redesign, the potential concerns when leaving the WordPress front-end, the problems they faced in decoupling from WordPress, and the tools they used.

What You’ll Learn

  • What it means to decouple a website
  • What is managed on the backend of your site
  • What is managed on the front end of your site
  • Pros and cons of having a coupled, monolithic end-to-end CMS
  • The advantages of a decoupled website