Chris Reynolds

Developing an SDK for Personalization at the Edge

In this talk, Chris will answer all of these questions and talk about how we at Pantheon have built a software development kit for Drupal and WordPress to enable personalized content by integrating with our edge layer.

The Edge. The final…frontier? What even is “the edge” beyond just another tech buzzword? And how can I use the edge for something useful for my site and visitors?

We’ll talk about what personalization means for site owners, and get into some of the technical implementation details of how we’ve built our Software Development Kits (SDKs) and how they can be used for personalized content creation.

What You’ll learn

  • Definition of “the Edge”
  • The stack used by Pantheon for the Edge
  • How to use personalization profiles
  • How to deliver personalized content with the Edge
  • A behind the scenes look into the Edge