Don't Trust Your Clients with Kiko Doran

Don’t Trust Your Clients

Until you understand your client’s strategic objectives, you can’t possibly come up with the best implementation. There are nuances to a plan that can’t be maximized until you understand the grand nature of the client’s struggles. It’s time to start thinking of yourself as a consultant and not strictly a developer, designer, project manager, etc. Writing code is a means to solve problems but, without understanding the strategic goals of your client, you can’t possibly give them the “best possible” solution with code alone.

A simple premise here is to question everything a client brings you. Even at the most basic level, say the client comes in asking for a WordPress site, you should be asking, “Why?” If you’re not asking questions like, “Why did you decide on WordPress?”, you’re missing an opportunity to learn more about the client’s needs. Without a discovery process, you’re only guessing at what will actually help the client.

Some are concerned that the client might balk at the added expense to the project. However, if presented correctly, they will see the value in the time and frustration saved. Better questions asked and more intentional planning at the beginning of the project will result in a better end product and a better experience all around.

This session will help you start focusing on your clients’ needs and the value of asking more questions at the beginning. You’ll also learn how to help your client see the added value that discovery sessions will bring due to your better understanding of the project. You and they will both be impressed at the impact that a few simple changes to your process will have on the overall deliverable.

Beyond many benefits to your client, you’ll come away from this session with some tools to help make the process easier for you. You’ll see a major new advantage in your business by corralling the scope and using discovery to better estimate the project from the very beginning.

Don’t wait a moment longer! Take a positive step today and improve your client relationships and project deliverables!

What You’ll Learn

  • How to better understand your client’s needs
  • How to show the value of a discovery phase to your clients
  • Ways to create more value for your customers
  • Tips to help the client understand the value you bring
  • Discover methods and tools to define clearer project scopes
  • Uncover the value a clearer project scope brings to your business