Embracing Code Reviews

No pain no gain. How one code review changed my life.

After writing CSS for over 10 years you’d think you would know everything there is to know, right? I couldn’t be more wrong and I found out the hard way. While my first formal code review session was painfully embarrassing it was also the most important lesson I have learned throughout my career. Code reviews force you to communicate on a different level which ultimately leads to more thoughtful coding practices. When writing Sass and other pre-processed languages it is even more important that you review your code continually, which even the more seasoned developers may neglect at times.

What You’ll Learn

  • What a code review looks like
  • Different types of code reviews
  • How to receive and implement feedback
  • How to review and give feedback
  • How to conduct your code review whether you are on a team or working on your own
  • Tools for code reviews

Code Reviews Will

  • Expose additional ways to solve a problem that you may not have thought about yourself
  • Help you write better code
  • Help you develop faster
  • Reveal code smells
  • Increase your overall knowledge of your language of choice
  • and more

Code reviews will make you better.