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Financial Inclusion in Africa – eNaira as a case study

Explore the world of financial inclusion in Africa and dive deep into the revolutionary eNaira, Nigeria’s digital currency, in this comprehensive session. Discover the core principles of financial inclusion and its significance in bridging the wealth gap among citizens. Learn how financial inclusion aims to make essential services like loans, savings, and pensions accessible to everyone, regardless of their social status.

As a case study, delve into the evolution of money and how traditional forms of currency became limited due to infrastructure issues. Understand the challenges faced in Africa, including limited access to mobile internet and financial services in rural areas. Uncover how mobile internet services and central bank digital currencies, like the eNaira, can pave the way for more inclusive financial systems.

In these videos, you’ll learn about the eNaira’s opportunities and how it can drive financial inclusion. Gain insights into the importance of infrastructure development, increased mobile internet penetration, and education to empower individuals with digital financial technologies. Explore how eNaira can enhance cross-border trade, boost eCommerce transactions, and potentially form partnerships with global financial institutions.

What You’ll Learn

  • The concept and importance of financial inclusion in Africa
  • The historical evolution of money and its limitations
  • The role of mobile internet services and central bank digital currencies
  • The stakeholders involved in achieving financial inclusion
  • The opportunities and benefits of eNaira for inclusive growth and poverty reduction

This session offers valuable insights into the financial landscape of Africa, shedding light on the eNaira’s potential to transform the way financial services are accessed and utilized, ultimately driving economic development and inclusion.