Fixing Fraud and Improving SEO with Blockchain

The internet has a deep-rooted trust issue. How do consumers know whether the information presented by websites can be trusted? How can website owners claim ownership over their content?

In 1991, blockchain was invented for timestamping documents. With a timestamp, you can prove that you didn’t tamper with your content. With timestamps, your readers, buyers, and search engines can prove your integrity. How are WordPress and blockchain timestamps building blocks for a better internet today? Is it too late to fix the broken web?

With his enthusiasm, Sebastiaan takes you on a 20-minute journey showing how we can truly fix the broken web with open-source code and community, together.

What You’ll Learn

  • How we can fix fake news and online fraud with blockchain timestamps
  • Introduction to WordProof and its mission
  • Use cases for WordProof
    • What publishers can do
    • How we can improve eCommerce
    • What timestamps can do for copyright
    • How we can improve SEO through timestamps