Gaining Traction and Reaching Escape Velocity

Why do so many successful entrepreneurs rocket out of the gate but promptly stagnate by their third year? Why does an even more significant proportion of entrepreneurs fail ever to see the kind of market response they know their product or service is worthy of?

Whether you’re stuck in a slump, having a hard time knowing where to focus your efforts, or just looking to supercharge your entrepreneurial performance and results, the 7 key takeaways of this presentation aim to help you ensure that this is your greatest year in business yet, no matter what kind of business you run. Patrick Kilchermann is here to share his tactics and strategies to help you eliminate distractions and thrive as a business owner.

What You’ll Learn

  • Must-hear advice from an automation-marketing specialist
  • Effective entrepreneur strategy
  • The importance of aligned tactics to achieve your goals
  • How to multiply your overall execution