Get Started with WooCommerce [90-minute Workshop]

If you’ve never installed WooCommerce before, or haven’t touched it in a long time, this workshop is for you. We’re going to cover all the basics and take you from zero to a fully-functional store ready for customers. We have packed this talk with a ton of useful information for beginners. You can follow along and take notes or use the workshop time to set up your own WooCommerce store.

This workshop has a little prework for you. You will need accounts set up for Stripe and Printful. You can use your WordPress installation or take advantage of a free Nexcess Managed WooCommerce account (highly recommended) to follow along with the instruction.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to set up your WordPress + WooCommerce site from scratch
  • How to set up our own managed WooCommerce hosting account and connect it to our domain
  • An overview of the WooCommerce setup wizard
    • Payments
    • Tax
    • Shipping information.
  • How to import products
  • How to customize your WooCommerce theme
  • How to connect your WooCommerce store to Printful
  • How to set up products in Printful
  • Marketing tips for WooCommerce stores