Getting Better at WordPress by Getting to Know WordPress

Digging into WordPress core and following along in some capacity with what core is doing can help you get things done in more efficient ways, start thinking about how to learn more, as well as write continuously better code. Let’s take a detailed look at some common tasks and pitfalls in developing with WordPress and how we can get them done or done more easily.

In this session, Helen will share how you can get better at WordPress development by contributing to WordPress core and by getting to know WordPress in a variety of ways. If we learn to take a closer look at our code not just when it is broken, but also when it is working as it should, we will become better developers.

What You’ll Learn

  • Information literacy
  • The danger of the copy-pasta canon
  • To look at WordPress core and learn from it
  • Practical advice on learning WordPress
    • ¬†Hooks
    • Custom taxonomies
    • Complex queries
    • Post meta revisions