Getting Content from Clients On Time

Getting content from clients is often the worst bottleneck in the web design process. But with a good process in place, it becomes much more manageable. In this session, you'll learn some strategies, processes, and tools that will help make your make content nightmares a thing of the past.

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Each of our sessions are digitally broadcast live and feature world-class speakers. Each presentation typically has 30-40 minutes set aside for instruction followed by another 15 minutes or so for Questions & Answers at the end.

About This Session

For many agencies, getting content from clients on time is little more than a pipe dream. It’s one of those things that can make or break a project based on how much time it costs your business.

Between chasing clients, trawling through email trails and reformatting the content that finally comes back, it wastes hours. When that happens every single project, that’s a lot of precious time gone. Even worse, the back-and-forth causes stress and frustration which can, in turn, break down client relationships.

This session will set you up to make content nightmares a thing of the past. You’ll learn why clients stall, how to fix it and some of the best tools and processes to put in place.

What you’ll learn in this session

  • Why clients take so long to send content
  • How to structure content requests
  • How to guide clients to write copy
  • The best tools to use to streamline the process

About James Rose

James Rose is a co-founder of Content Snare and hosts the Agency Highway podcast. He has a passion for helping web designers and digital agencies do less work, get better clients and reduce their stress levels. This developed after several years of stressing too much in his agency.

James’ favorite topics are systems, processes and automation because he thinks these are the best ways to set a business up to grow and to work less at the same time.

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