Getting Started with Load Testing

Knowing just how much traffic your site can handle is invaluable.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a publication about to drop a massive story, or a WooCommerce shop ramping up for a sale, having no clue how your site will do under elevated load can lead to server errors, annoyed visitors, and even lost revenue.

In this talk, we’ll cover some popular load testing methods and tools, and go over how you can work them into your development routine. We’ll also cover how to generate load tests that mimic realistic user traffic, how to automate running these tests against your site, and what to do after you realize things maybe aren’t as fast as you thought.

What you’ll learn

  • The common styles of performance testing
  • Selecting the best load testing tool for your use case
  • How to get more comfortable with an iterative testing approach
  • Tips for generating realistic load tests
  • WooCommerce-specific testing tips