Giving a Talk That Matters

Cory takes a slightly different approach to his preparations, and his style is vastly different from others. This difference is neither more nor less effective, and that’s why it’s important to hear. Seeing how his approach yields a similar outcome will help you to broaden your perspective in terms of presentation style and see that there is often more than one right answer.

Are you interested in presenting at a WordCamp (or another event entirely)? Have you given a presentation before and were underwhelmed by the response? Or maybe you’ve been in the audience of a poor presentation and are afraid to repeat the presenter’s mistakes?

No matter what state your presentation skills are in, no matter what topic you want to present, this talk aims to make you a better presenter. Not just a slightly better presenter, but an order of magnitude better.

If you’re looking to deliver a valuable, memorable presentation that has the power to change minds and lives, you owe it to yourself and future attendees to hear this session. And if you’re not looking to provide life-changing value, why are you wasting time presenting?

Anyone who takes the time to watch this session and absorb the unique perspectives and decades of insight provided will be a measurably better presenter when they’re done.

What You’ll Learn

  • Cory’s secrets to delivering a meaningful presentation
  • How to give a talk to change people for the better
  • Why knowing your audience is key
  • And more!