Nirav Mehta

Growing Revenue on Autopilot: The Crazy Funnel Optimization Method

Optimizing checkout is the holy grail of unlocking average revenue per unit (ARPU) and conversion growth. But it’s tedious, expensive, and time-consuming.

What if we could use AI to generate not one, not five, but dozens of mass personalized offers? What if these offers were hyper-targeted and automatically split-tested themselves? What if these micro experiments kept running without obstructing visitors? What if we could eat on stars for breakfast?

“Not possible,” you’d say.

Sure, no stars for breakfast, but everything else is possible.

With a 60% growth in revenue, on almost autopilot, can this crazy method work for you? How exactly does it work? Come to this talk and find out!

What You’ll Learn

  • The 10x formula to increase ARPU and conversion growth
  • How to minimize effort, complexity, and trial and error
  • How to prioritize funnel optimizations and new opportunities